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Some of the best information in the cannabis industry. Here you can access financial models, application templates, corporate documents for operating, forming and attracting investors to your business.  Basically, if Tom finds it useful for his practice and operations in the cannabis industry – he puts it here for you. 

No worries, if you are a client – you get one 30 minute meeting with Tom a month and access to all our webinars and monthly mastermind sessions.  Book your call here: 

Hopefully each month, you come back and spend 30 minutes talking with us about your business and networking with our media events. 

If you paid your licensing fee, you have rights in the downloads and information in here. If you want hourly help, we got it too. 

Your license fee may be limited to only 12-months. You get updates throughout the whole time because we are constantly adding more knowledge and content that you can use in your cannabis business on this site. 

If you want to continue to have access to updates and our monthly webinars for marketing with investors and social equity/priority applicants – just stay a client and pay your monthly fee.  You get a monthly conference with a cannabis lawyer and the marketing, access to all updates to your memberships and all webinars in an on demand format. 


Because you have not set up a Gravatar yet.  You can create an account here, and you’ll populate your picture across a lot of sites like this one!

Depends on if you became a client. We emailed you your sign up link for client time.  If you need more time with Tom, here’s his calendar.

Of course, we have financial modelers and cannabis paralegals that are for hire at $99 an hour.  Lawyers will consults with you on your application at $250 an hour, our lawyers charge $400 – but this is just a consulting site. Just hit the chat box in the corner and we will get in touch with you. 

Our consulting products come with certain money back guarantees.  Hourly work was for time, so cannot be returned.  Our consulting products can be returned in 30-days provided the financial models have not been downloaded. We have more on our Mastermind guarantee in its curriculum page. 

We are on a mission to help set up the cannabis industry in America and beyond and need happy clients telling others about our work. Please review us on Google.  Search Collateral Base, or Cannabis Industry Lawyer and drop us a glowing review, or let us know what we need to do better. 

We will be using our media platforms to bring you exclusive content from experts in the industry as well help you put together your cannabis business plan and financial models for your license.  In your quest to get that license, you may need certain social equity, or priority, partners, and they may need liquidity partners to capitalize the business. We hope they get to meet during these exclusive webinars and strategy sessions. 

Here’s a copy of our W-9 for your records.  Remember this is an investment in your company and you should have it be either a capital contribution, or a loan to the company. 

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